Zhang Daoquan, Deputy Director Of SASAC, Led A Team To Investigate Sunward Intelligence

Release time:2019-10-25

               In order to improve the quality and operation efficiency of state-owned assets management, promote the strategic cooperation of municipal state-owned assets supervision enterprises, and better grasp the strategic opportunities for the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, from October 14 to 15, Zhang Daoquan, deputy director of the municipal SASAC and member of the Party committee, led the heads of planning and Development Office of the municipal SASAC, industrial holding group, Metro Group, construction group, traffic investment group, Guangzhi group and other relevant municipal state-owned assets supervision enterprises to investigate the Sunward intelligence under Vanlead Group. Zhou Qianding, temporary secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of the industrial holding group, and Liu Huichun, deputy general manager, participated in the investigation.

            Deputy director Zhang Daoquan and his team came to Zhuzhou Sunward science and technology aviation city, Changsha Sunward industrial city, and Sunward intelligent headquarters building, and entered engineering equipment, special equipment, aviation equipment manufacturing workshop, scientific research laboratory, corporate culture exhibition hall, etc., to have a detailed understanding of Sunward intelligent equipment manufacturing, scientific research and development, key projects, market development, etc. Zhang Daoquan, deputy director, highly affirmed and appreciated the achievements of he Qinghua, chairman of Sunward intelligent, in his pioneering tenet of "self-cultivation and management of the industry, and the development of the enterprise and the country", and in his efforts to lead the employees of Sunward intelligent to forge ahead in the past 20 years.




He Qinghua, chairman of Sunward intelligence, introduced the basic information to Zhang Daoquan and his delegation

                At the symposium, the person in charge of Sunward intelligence successively introduced the cooperation and docking of Guangdong's engineering strategic business with Guangzhou's state-owned assets supervision enterprises, and the idea of building Guangzhou's smart underground city to open a new chapter in the underground space. Chairman Zhou Qianding said that as a part of Guangzhou's state-owned assets, Sunward intelligence should rely on Guangzhou, seize the strategic opportunity of the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, push the intelligent equipment business to the position of the national leading enterprise, create an unrepeatable industrial development mode, and achieve greater development. Zheng Chongmin, director of the planning and development department, Zhang Yujiang, general manager of the construction group, Xu Jiehong, deputy general manager of the transportation investment group, Zhang Zhiliang, chief engineer of the Metro Group and Zhang Jinxiang, deputy general manager of the Guangzhou heavy industry group made speeches on strengthening cooperation with Sunward intelligent.

                  Zhang Daoquan, deputy director, said that the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is a huge market both globally and domestically, and also a major opportunity for state-owned enterprises with state-owned assets to grow from small to large and from weak to strong. Enterprises of state-owned assets system should seize this strategic opportunity, combine enterprise development with national strategy, and actively layout the market of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. As a newly established state-owned enterprise group, industrial holding group should play the role of connecting the strategic cooperation between Sunward intelligence and Guangzhou state-owned assets supervision enterprise, strengthen the coordination organization and the upper link, not only based on the long-term and overall strategy, but also focus on the current and specific projects, promote the industrial linkage of the city's state-owned assets system, and promote the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises.